Pima Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

931 N 5th Ave
Tucson  AZ  85705-7723
(520) 884-1776

Thank you for considering donating to Pima Monthly Meeting. There are three easy ways to contribute:
1. On First Day use the donation boxes located on the north side of the meeting room. At other times use the lock box just outside the office on the second floor.
2. Mail a check to the treasurer at the address below.
3. Use the bill-pay option* at your bank or credit union.

The address to use, either to mail a check or for your bank’s or credit union's bill-pay option, is:

Pima Monthly Meeting
931 N 5th Ave
Tucson AZ 85705-7723
If you have questions about any of these methods please contact Betty at 520-882-4301, henryruth@q.com.

* Most banks and credit unions offer a bill-pay service for paying bills, but you can also use it to contribute to the meeting or other organizations. Usually it's available for one-time or recurring contributions: you can vary the frequency and amounts that you want to give, and you can stop or suspend payments if need be.

This webpage last updated 20 December 2014.