NOTE: The meeting does not have a phone except that outgoing local calls may be made from the library annex.  In order to facilitate contact with the meeting, one or two people agree to have their telephone numbers listed in the yellow pages of the phone book.  In the past, about two or three calls arrive per week.  The one or two persons who agree to answer phone calls for the meeting must be ascertained early enough to have their phone numbers listed by the phone company deadline in March or April, since the phone book is published in July.  These same number(s) should also be the ones listed in other advertisements such as in Friends Journal.

1. Answer phone calls for the meeting.  Calls may include:

Quakers wishing to stay overnight in the meeting house (describe the apartment/room we have available and refer them to the caretaker for reservations, clean-up duties of guests, and suggested donation to meeting)

Quakers visiting from out of town who wish to attend meeting

(explain that this is an unprogrammed meeting)

Persons inquiring about Quakerism

(refer them to meeting for worship, to a study group, and to our library; we have free pamphlets in the foyer as well as books which may be checked out for two weeks; a person from the committee on clearness for membership and marriage will meet with them if they wish)

Persons mistakenly calling the Friends church

(give them the proper phone number; briefly explain the difference in the two groups if asked)

Persons mistakenly calling the AFSC

Persons desiring social services from meeting, usually money

(the meeting is not a social service agency and we refer persons with requests to the appropriate organization here in Tucson; numerous hard luck stories surface every winter, especially around Christmastime; several members of the meeting have lost money to unknown persons who disappear right after receiving the funds)

2. Refer requests or other issues to the proper committee or person within meeting.

This webpage created 24 July 2011.