D. Guidelines for Use of the Meetinghouse



We welcome you to our Meetinghouse and the use of our facilities. The following guidelines are for your information and ease of use. Please study them carefully and return one copy to the caretaker, signed by your leader or other responsible person.

1. PARKING. Pima Monthly Meeting has promised our neighbor to the north not to park in front of their home. There are several spaces directly in front of the Meetinghouse, numerous spaces in the rear of the Meetinghouse (reached from the back alley) and spaces along the park on Sundays . Please alert your members NOT to park in front of the other houses in on our block.

2. ADVERTISING. Use of the Meetinghouse does NOT include Pima Monthly Meeting approval or sponsorship of events. You may use 931 N. Fifth Avenue, or "Quaker House" and the address, or "Quaker Meetinghouse" and the address, in your announcements, but do NOT use "Pima Meeting" unless we have specifically agreed to sponsor your event. Please do not put up any notices on the premises except on the day of the event, and remember to take them down again after the event is over. You may leave notices or flyers for the bulletin board on the table; Pima Meeting persons responsible for the bulletin boards will post them, if appropriate.

3. SUGGESTED DONATION. For use of the main downstairs room, we suggest $25 per use. If your use is long term or if one of the smaller rooms will serve, contact the House Committee* to make special arrangements. We suggest an additional contribution for use of the kitchen. Please place your contribution in a separate envelope, identified as coming from you, and either hand it to the caretaker or place it in the Pima Meeting donation box near the window in the north alcove.

4. DUTIES OF A USER GROUP. Each group is responsible for setting up its own event and cleaning up afterward; leave the Meetinghouse as you found it. Restack chairs in the closet, put away tables, clean the kitchen if it has been used, and leave the restrooms in good order.

5. SUPPLIES. Each group is responsible for bringing its own refreshment supplies. Please do not use Meetinghouse supplies unless specific arrangements have been made with the House Committee.* Please use the recycling bins in the back parking lot; guidelines for use are posted in the hallway by the kitchen. DO NOT LEAVE ANY FOOD WHICH YOU BRING.

6. SMOKING. Smoking is allowed only outside the Meetinghouse. Smokers should pick up their own cigarette butts. Alcohol and street drugs are not allowed on the property.

7. MAILING ADDRESS. Do not use this address as a mailing address at any time.

8. PRIORITIES. We have established the following priorities for use of our facilities: (1) Pima Monthly Meeting; (2) other Quaker functions; (3) American Friends Service Committee; (4) other events. Thus, a Meeting use may occasionally take precedence over your regularly scheduled meeting. In such case, we will alert you in advance so you can make other arrangements, but please be prepared with an alternative site in the unlikely event that there is not time to notify you or the Calendar Keeper cannot reach your contact person. We will make every effort, of course, to prevent cancellation of published events.

9. QUESTIONS. Contact the caretaker or members of the House Committee.


I have read and understood these Guidelines and will make sure that members of my organization follow them.




This webpage created 15 August 2011.