Must be a member of the Finance Committee.

May continue using existing financial institution accounts or may establish new ones after discussion and approval by the Finance Committee. Additional signatories are required on accounts so checks can be signed during treasurer’s absence.

May continue using current accounting system or develop a new one that will provide accurate records of incoming and outgoing funds. Enter all income and outgo in appropriate categories in the accounting system. Keep receipts and other records in files.

Oversight of financial records occurs at Finance Committee meetings. Either a Friend(s) or an outside person(s) approved by Business Meeting will do an occasional audit.

Keep confidential all financial records and contributions to Meeting. The treasurer may not reveal contributors’ names or amounts given. Silence may be broken for bequests and outside organization donations. Clerk of Meeting in conjunction with the Finance Committee determines when these donors’ names made public. Occasionally, after discussion with the Finance Committee, a fundraising clerk or representative may be given contributors’ names and amounts, which these individuals are to hold in confidence. Ministry & Oversight Committee may be given information as to whether a member has contributed financially to the meeting for purposes of determining inactivity.

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