Approved by Pima Monthly Meeting on June 1, 2014

1. Draft and complete the records of meeting for business. Take notes during monthly meeting for business and keep reports for attachments to minutes.

    Prepare draft minutes as soon after monthly meeting for business as possible. Send minutes to the clerk who presided at the meeting for business for review. Upon their return, enter any corrections.

    Clerks of committees and other interested persons may request to read the minutes in advance of monthly meeting for business.

    Make 20-30 copies of the draft minutes, using the office copier. If the copier is not working, the recording clerk may be reimbursed for making copies elsewhere. If the draft minutes were not included in the newsletter in the last week of the month, post one copy on the bulletin board a week before meeting for business. Hand out the rest when approval of minutes is to be considered.

2. When minutes of the past meeting for business are approved by the Meeting, enter any corrections and ask the clerk who presided, as well as the recording clerk who took the minutes, to sign the corrected minutes. Put the corrected and approved minutes in the binder in the office, along with all attachments. Make two extra copies of corrected minutes with all attachments and place in the correspondence bin in the Pima Meeting office for review by those who were not able to attend business meeting.

    Send approved minutes by email (without attachments) to the newsletter before the next month's newsletter deadline.

3. During meeting for business, help the Meeting to draft minutes for approval. Write down the text and then read it aloud as requested. The exact wording of a minute may be drafted, or slightly revised, after the monthly meeting, if Meeting so decides and acknowledges a particular person or persons to do it.  

4. Coordinate with corresponding clerk to ascertain that memorial minutes and minutes of thanks and appreciation approved by Meeting are sent out.

5. From 1958 – 2004, minutes, newsletters, weekly bulletins, and directories were deposited with the Arizona Historical Society. Now it is the Recording Clerk’s responsibility to file the meeting minutes in the Pima Meeting’s office after approval. The Recording Clerk should also keep en electronic copy of the minutes until they are archived. (Filing and/or archiving directories, newsletters and weekly bulletins, if any, will be the responsibilities of the Recorder.)

6. Purchase of office supplies not otherwise available may be reimbursed.  

This webpage last updated 16 December 2015.