1. Keep the official records for the meeting.  This includes an accurate list of membership on special forms for the purpose, with notice of births and deaths of persons associated with the meeting. 

2. Ascertain the current membership, including vital statistics for the past year (births and deaths, additions to and subtractions from membership), for inclusion in the annual State of the Meeting report.  M&O needs this information by about February, though it may be updated until the final version of the report. 

3. Donate materials to the Arizona Historical Society as necessary, and report this to monthly meeting.

4. Submit a budget estimate to treasurer by Labor Day each year, as necessary.

5. A related task, not presently assigned to the Recorder, would be that of a PMM Historian, who would collect materials of historical interest such as newspaper articles, pictures, letters to the editor, etc. relating to persons in the Meeting, or activities of the Meeting reported in the media.

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