1. Meet as a committee as necessary.

2. Become aware of socially constructive organizations and movements on a local, national, and worldwide scale.  Bring relevant news to the meeting and suggest appropriate action by meeting.  Donate funds from budget as appropriate.

3. Coordinate activities involving the death penalty in Arizona.

4. Coordinate program involving homeless persons in Tucson.  Distribute funds as necessary to reimburse expenses for overnights, where homeless persons sleep over and take one or more meals in the meeting house.

5. Coordinate activities involving problems in our neighborhood, including use of the park.

6. Coordinate peace activities.

7. Be responsible for bulletin boards on the north wall of the meeting room.

8. Make contributions from P. & S.O. budget to various non-profit groups, as decided by the full committee.

9. Submit a budget estimate to treasurer by Labor Day each year.

10. Present annual report to meeting for business in fifth month.

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