This committee consists of three people, each serving staggered three-year terms. The committee nominates people to serve on meeting committees and as officers of the meeting for business. In the past, this committee asked members and attenders what committee(s) they would like to be on or services they could offer to the meeting; the committee passed out a form to be returned, with the person's name and preferences; the forms would act as a guide to the work of the committee. Recently, the committee has carried on its work by becoming aware throughout the year of individual talents and abilities for service, without considering written preferences. New members of this committee are named by the Naming Committee and brought to monthly meeting for approval.

1. Be aware all during the year of the need for services within the meeting, and of the persons who would be good at doing them. Committees should represent the diversity within the meeting if possible.

2. Meet, usually during the first three months of the calendar year, to nominate persons to serve on meeting committees, as officers of the meeting for business, and as liaison persons to other groups.

3. Generate and keep a list of persons not willing to serve on a committee but available for special tasks.

4. Phone each person confidentially to ask whether he or she is willing to serve on the committees or offices selected for them; revise nominations as necessary.

5. Inform the meeting for business, in third month or in fourth month, of the proposed nominations. Members of the meeting may bring any concerns about the selections to a nominating committee member.

6. Meet again to fill in gaps and discuss any concerns which have arisen. Nominating committee may decide to bring a nomination to meeting for business even if a concern has arisen, allowing the meeting for business to consider the issue openly.

7. Bring revised list of selections to meeting for business in fourth or no later than fifth month. If meeting approves, persons nominated begin service in sixth month. During the remainder of fifth month it is helpful for persons new to a job to get together with people they will be replacing on a committee or office, to discuss aspects of that particular service to the meeting.

This webpage created 7 August 2011.