H. Newsletter Procedures

1. Gathering information. A committee member familiar with meeting activities gathers news. Sources of information include the clerks of committees, the recording clerk (usually has much to report right after monthly meeting for business) and clerk of business meeting. Memorial minutes are published in full. Sometimes people from meeting contribute poems or inspirational paragraphs. Newsletters from other Quaker meetings sometimes contain news or spiritual messages which the editor may decide to reprint. For efficiency, the committee member who gathers news should ask clerks of other committees, and the recording clerk, to submit news items regularly; the communications committee should not have to go after the news if others in the meeting are aware of deadlines and want to publish their information.

2. Selecting what to include. Editor's discretion, though the clerk or others may request publication of coming events.

3. Rewriting and checking facts. The editor rewrites for clarity and checks facts if any are in doubt, assisted by at least one other person.

4. Typing the material and printing it out. Type with a layout in mind.

5. Paste-up. Paste onto one side of sheets of white paper, 8½" by 14".

6. Take to printer. The editor or committee member chooses a printer who has low prices and high quality, if possible. Printing is cheaper than xerox. Before going to the printer talk to the person in meeting who prints address labels to determine how many newsletters to publish (usually about 200).

7. Pick up newsletters. Then fold them and bring them to the next meeting for worship. The person with address labels brings those, and everyone removes his/her label from the sheets when taking a newsletter; names not removed after the next meeting for worship after that receive a newsletter in the mail. The newsletter may be sent out by E-mail, by prior arrangement with a committee member.

8. Mail out newsletters. After two consecutive weeks of having newsletters available to meeting, a committee member picks up the newsletters and the remaining address labels, puts on stamps, and mails them out. Treasurer will reimburse for all costs. The post office asks us to tape rather than staple the letters closed.

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