A. M&O Procedures for a Memorial Service for a member or longtime attender of Pima Meeting

1. Anyone in Meeting should notify a member of M&O as soon as possible after news of a death is received.

2. M&O member alerts other M&O members, and discusses briefly with them when a memorial service might be, considering the Meeting calendar, and who will coordinate the arrangements for the event.

3. An M&O member or other coordinator confers with members of the family, or others as necessary, concerning the date and time of a memorial service.

4. An M&O member or other coordinator sets the date on Meeting calendar, after conferring with an M&O member and the caretaker to be sure the date and time are open.

5. An M&O member or other coordinator notifies family members of the date, also Newsletter and List Serve.

6. An M&O member or other coordinator seeks volunteers to help with the memorial service; this is usually be done by phone, or after worship on the next firstday.

7. Jobs to be done, in coordination with the family, include: (1) overall organizer and contact person; (2) greeter(s) (can be a family member or friend); (3) refreshments organizer, including what will be served, who will serve it, and with what equipment, and who will clean up; (4) clerk of business meeting or M&O member to convene and close the meeting for worship; (5) notify newspapers if necessary; (6) handout (optional) to be given to those attending, which may include biographical information and other statements (the simplest handout would contain the name of the person, birth and death dates, date and time of memorial service, and perhaps a brief statement or quotation; (7) other details.

8. Sometimes there will be a request for special music or other activities. This can be arranged, except that they should be before or after but not during the meeting for worship.

9. The family and friends may bring photographs to display.

10. If the person is not well known in Pima Meeting, a memorial service may still be held in the meeting house upon request to M&O, but without the above-mentioned assistance from Pima Meeting. House committee will handle this, and an optional donation to the meeting will be requested.

This webpage created 15 August 2011.