The committee consists of six members, each with a three-year term, staggered so that two new persons join each year and two leave.  The committee meets at least once a month.  In the future, this committee could be expanded to eight members, or divided into two sections, as the meeting grows and tasks increase.

MINISTRY functions

1. Respond to any issues or problems which arise concerning the conduct of a meeting for worship.

2. Foster the spiritual life and growth of the meeting, and handle all matters which arise in this area.  This includes handling problems which may come up involving difficulties between two or more members.  Each person on the committee should be available for input from members and attenders regarding issues of concern, and some committee persons will give counsel as needed and as their talents permit, reporting matters to the full committee only as necessary.  The committee may appoint a special clearness committee for any matter lacking clarity and needing prayerful resolution, or may arrange for a threshing session or meeting-wide retreat when necessary to explore a difficult issue.

3. Arrange for ministry to shut-ins and other person with special needs, as necessary, including rides to meeting.

4. Plan and carry out memorial services (see Appendix), and draft memorial minutes for meeting consideration and approval.  Send copy of approved memorial minutes to Recorder for dissemination to Friends Journal, Friends Bulletin, AHYM and IMYM.

OVERSIGHT functions

1. Be aware of and oversee the work of other committees (this responsibility often shared with clerk of business meeting).

2. Be responsible for the bulletin board on the west and east walls of the meeting room.

3. Plan the yearly calendar, as far in advance as possible, to set dates for activities such as the annual Christmas dinner, AHYM and IMYM gatherings and, possibly, a Pima Meeting Retreat or Threshing Session.

4. Seek a coordinator for Friendly Eights, which are planned ad hoc gatherings of about eight friends for a pot luck meal, usually in a private home, for fun and fellowship.

5. Go through the membership list at least once a year to keep it up to date.  No one should be dropped from membership without being contacted for a discussion of the issues, in person if possible. 

6. Recognize junior members' achievements and contributions to meeting; contact them when they reach adulthood concerning membership in the meeting.

7. Draft a State of the Meeting report to be presented to a monthly meeting prior to AHYM spring gathering.  The monthly meeting usually makes changes before approval.  Appoint someone to read and present the report to the AHYM spring gathering and to IMYM.

8. Make decisions to disburse funds from budget as necessary for persons requesting financial assistance to attend IMYM, AHYM, a Pendle Hill conference, or other Quaker activities.  Be aware of events for which funds may be requested, and publicize their availability to members of the meeting well in advance of the event.

9. Appoint and supervise oversight individuals or subcommittees for worship groups under the care of Pima Meeting.  At present, these consist of Cochise WG and Cascabel WG.  Report once or twice a year to monthly meeting.

10. Submit a budget estimate to treasurer by Labor Day each year.

11. Present annual report to meeting for business in fifth month.

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