In the past there have been two representatives. 

1. Attend one or two meetings of AHYM continuing committee to plan the twice-yearly gatherings of AHYM.  The continuing committee meetings are usually held in Phoenix during part of one day, usually a Saturday.  Pima Meeting will reimburse reasonable expenses of attending these meetings.

2. Be the contact persons for communications between Arizona Half-Yearly Meeting (AHYM) and Pima Meeting.  Make announcements to monthly meeting of AHYM affairs, and bring issues from continuing committee to the next monthly meeting.

3. Make timely announcements concerning the next AHYM gathering, and pass out registration materials well in advance. 

4. Coordinate transportation of Pima Friends to AHYM gatherings, making sure everyone has a ride who needs one.

5. Become aware of persons who need financial assistance to attend AHYM, and encourage them to request aid from M&O committee funds.  It is important not to leave this to the last minute, since funds are limited, and M&O may meet only once a month.

6. When AHYM will be held in Tucson, organize a committee to plan the gathering, in coordination with M&O and the AHYM continuing committee.  The committee to plan the gathering should begin forming at least three months before the gathering will take place.  The committee will find a place for the meeting, plan the eating and housing arrangements, plan for childcare and young friends' activities, and develop registration materials including appropriate registration fees, housing, meals, and other necessaries. 

About four to six weeks before the gathering, the committee should have ready several sheets of information, with a schedule, information on activities prepared by AHYM continuing committee, and registration forms with a deadline for returning the forms.  Send one copy of these papers to each meeting or worship group in Arizona, with a cover letter asking them to xerox as many copies as necessary for their group.  We allow last-minute registrations, but we need to encourage timely registration to facilitate planning.

Prior to the gathering the committee plans the registration procedure, assigns activities to rooms or other space, decides how to allocate people into worship sharing or other discussion groups, and assigns out-of-town visitors to stay with local Friends.   Agree upon who will make announcements during AHYM and handle whatever problems come up (usually clerk of business meeting, but it could be someone else). 

On the first day of the gathering the committee takes care of registration, collects whatever fees have not been paid, and helps people to get where they need to go. 

Normally AHYM gathers in the fall in the mountains of Prescott or near Flagstaff, and in the early spring either in Phoenix or Tucson, the location rotated each year.

7. Submit a budget estimate to treasurer by Labor Day each year.


1. Participate with other representatives from throughout AHYM in selecting nominees to offices in AHYM.  The nominating committee usually meets immediately following the AHYM continuing committee meeting, or else during an AHYM gathering.


IMYM continuing committee is made up of representatives from monthly meetings and worship groups within a four-state area which includes Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. IMYMCC meets at least twice a year, once immediately preceding the annual gathering in June, and once in mid-winter.  It has two main functions:  (1) to plan the annual gathering, which involves subcommittees which organize and carry out all events, and (2) to act as liaison between monthly meetings/worship groups and the IMYM officers and business meetings.  In the latter function, IMYMCC may receive and consider concerns from regional or local groups through their representative(s), make recommendations to IMYM officers concerning IMYM issues, and send items of business to IMYM clerk(s) for consideration at the annual gathering.  In addition, IMYMCC is responsible for long range planning for the needs and welfare of the yearly meeting, and may act on behalf of IMYM on those matters not involving new principle, or summon a special yearly meeting when it sees the need.

PMM representatives to IMYMCC have the following duties:

1. Act as liaison between IMYMCC and Pima Meeting.

2. Attend the winter meetings of IMYMCC and the summer meeting, held immediately preceding the yearly meeting sessions.  Funds for reasonable expenses of out-of-town trips are provided by PMM upon request.

3. Bring questions from the continuing committee clerk’s fall letter to monthly meeting for consideration.   Send written responses to questions sent from CC clerk, as well as any concerns of Pima Meeting, to CC clerk at least two weeks before the winter CC meeting.

Keep PMM informed about long term IMYM matters being considered by IMYMCC.  Relay concerns from IMYMCC to PMM, as requested by IMYMCC. 

4. Announce IMYM dates early in the year, and encourage friends to attend.  Be available to answer questions concerning programs, registration, and accommodations.   If financial aid is necessary, encourage application to M&O at least two months before the IMYM gathering. 

5. Have available a copy of IMYM minutes, the Guide to IMYM Practice, and other pertinent records that are to be passed on to a successor representative.

6.  Promptly inform IMYMCC clerk of any changes in CC representatives, or of PMM officers, or PMM meeting place or time, including addresses and phone numbers of individuals involved. 

7. Submit a budget estimate, based on IMYM current assessments and needs, to PMM treasurer by Labor Day each year. 


One or two representatives from each IMYM monthly meeting or worship group participate in the writing of the first IMYM book of Faith and Practice. 

1. Take part in the committee’s ongoing development of an IMYM guide to faith and practice.

2. Keep monthly meeting informed of IMYM committee work, and keep IMYM committee informed of monthly meeting input.

3. Travel to one or two annual meetings of this committee, often held out of state, to develop an IMYM faith and practice.  Funds are available upon request to IMYM for expenses of the trip.






1. Act as liaison between Pima Meeting and local/regional AFSC programs and staff.

 a) Bring Pima Meeting and AHYM concerns to AFSC as necessary.

 b) Bring AFSC information to Pima Meeting and AHYM as necessary.

 c) Promote active involvement of Pima Meeting in AFSC program work.


 d) Encourage AFSC staff to be acquainted with Pima Meeting.

2. Serve on IMYM/AFSC committee, coordinating with other such liaison persons from meetings within IMYM.

3. Participate in the IMYM workshop for Meeting/AFSC liaison people held at the annual June IMYM gathering.

4. Consider the relationship between AFSC and Pima Meeting's Peace and Social Order Committee.

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