1. Be responsible for the upkeep of the meeting house and yard.

2. Meet regularly to discuss the needs of the meeting house and yard.

3. Keep up supplies in the house, such as toilet paper, brooms, cleaning agents and tools (usually delegated to caretaker).

4. Keep the foyer presentable and neat, in coordination with greeters, library committee, and others who use the foyer.

5. Be the liaison between the meeting and the caretaker.  Persons wishing to contact the caretaker should do so only through this committee, not directly.  The caretaker allows for contact, however, for reservations on the calendar, and requests to stay in the guest apartment. 

6. Approve expenditures for house and yard, either as a committee or by informal agreement among several committee members.

7. Put on at least one work day a year, in which various cleaning and repair tasks will be done by meeting volunteers and members of the committee.  One or two people coordinate the work day, deciding in advance what needs to be done, making sure tools and supplies are available to complete the tasks, making a list of tasks available on the work day itself, and publicizing the work day well in advance so that people will come.  People sometimes bring a brown bag lunch, and others often bring a "supplemental feast" for the workers. 

8. Accept or reject non-monetary donations to the meeting house, reporting to the monthly meeting as necessary; no gifts will be accepted which have conditions, and no property will ever be returned.

9. Approve or reject requests to use the meeting house, and make sure each group has an updated copy of the Guidelines for Use of the Meeting House and agrees to abide by them (see Appendix for current Guidelines; other documents available from house committee include "Caretaker Job Description," "Welcome to the Guest Room," and "Note to Users of the Pima Meeting Kitchen").

10. Supervise and receive reports from liaison person to WUNA (West University Neighborhood Association). 

11. Submit a budget estimate to treasurer by Labor Day each year.

12. Present annual report to meeting for business in fifth month.

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