E. Guest Room Policy

1. Guest should have affiliation with Quakers. The guest should be a member or attender of a meeting or be recommended by a member or attender of our meeting.

2. Maximum stay in the guest room is two weeks. Arrangements for longer stays must be approved by the House Committee.

3. The fee is $30 per night, paid in advance to the member of House Committee who gives the guest the key. The check is then submitted to the treasurer.

4. In exceptional circumstances the rental fee may be waived. This can only be done with approval of House Committee at a regular or called meeting.

5. Payment in full is required to reserve the room in advance.

6. Special arrangements can be made to allow groups to overnight in the meetinghouse. These groups should have clear Quaker affiliation and be sponsored by a committee of Pima Monthly Meeting or by the meeting as a whole.

7. The fee for such groups is $15 per person per night.

This webpage created 28 May 2016.