In the past, greeters have been appointed by M&O; now they are chosen by the nominating committee. Recently there have been four or five, each one responsible one week a month. One greeter serves as coordinator of these services.

1. Be available in the foyer at least twenty minutes before the late-morning meeting for worship to greet those who attend.

2. Check to be sure proper equipment is available, i.e., working pens, including one for the guest book; adequate name tags; introductory leaflets for newcomers. Clear bench of old or non-PMM announcements. If new supplies are needed, greeters may buy them and be reimbursed from M&O account. Report other foyer needs to House Committee.

3. Assist in handing out name tags. Welcome newcomers in advance of others. Take special attention to help newcomers feel welcome, as this is often their first contact with Quakers. The greeter who centers down before arriving can give all who arrive a gift of joy and caring.

4. At the start of the late-morning meeting, close the door to the meeting room, then open it for late comers around ten minutes later so that those who arrive late enter the meeting room together. Check outside to see if more are coming. Greet late comers in a whisper and encourage quiet in the foyer. whisper and encourage quiet in the foyer.

This webpage last updated 14 January 2016.