The purpose of this committee was to facilitate interpersonal relations through intergenerational contact. It may be revived as needed, and as volunteers are available.

1. Arrange special social events within the meeting which facilitate inter-personal relationships and intergenerational contact. These include dinners with games, special holiday festivities such as on Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, musical and other talent events, monthly birthday celebrations, and an annual spring outdoor Meeting for Worship.

2. Facilitate other activities such as:
a) small group workshops on "turning points in our lives"
b) forums and speakers on subjects of current interest
c) ongoing "Tea and Talk" small gatherings in regional neighborhoods

3. Keep resource materials such as:
a) Service Register - services to assist with personal needs;
b) Brochures on retirement and nursing home facilities for Quakers and others, both locally and nationally;
c) A list of medical appliances available for loan to members and attenders

4. Submit a budget estimate to treasurer by Labor Day each year.

5. Present annual report to Monthly Meeting in fifth month.

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