J. Proposed Procedures for Directory

Note: The directory is published by computer. Each person who does this job uses specific programs to generate the directory. When the job passes to another person, these specifics may need to be reinvented, depending on the computer utilized.

1. Anyone wanting to be listed in the directory may be listed, by request to the PMM publisher or M&O.

2. M&O may make deletions, changes or additions.

3. Anyone with changes for the directory may contact the publisher before September 1, or M& O before September 30.

The following schedule will be adhered to as far as possible so that the directory will appear in November.

(1) By Sept. 10, the publisher submits to M&O a proposed draft.

(2) By Oct. 30, M&O goes over the list, contacting persons for possible deletion and making additions and other changes as necessary, then submits the revised list to the publisher.

(3) By Nov. 15, the publisher creates a final draft and sends it to M&O.

(4) By Nov. 30, the directory is published.

This webpage created 15 August 2011.