1. Write letters as requested by monthly meeting minutes or by clerk of monthly meeting.  

2. Send timely notices of births and new members to Friends Journal and to Friends Bulletin.  Consult the PMM Recorder for specific information.

3. Publish memorial minutes which the monthly meeting prepares.  Usually we send them to Friends Journal, Friends Bulletin, members of the immediate family, and to other friends or organizations as monthly meeting and the family may decide are appropriate.  Include an appropriate accompanying letter.

4. Sort incoming mail into file folders designated for clerks of  committees and others, preferably at least weekly.  Discard irrelevant advertising, after previous discussion with clerk of meeting, a member of M&O or former corresponding clerk as to what is irrelevant.  If mail is not picked up for awhile, alert the persons who should pick it up, though twice is enough since they may have no interest.

This webpage created 19 July 2011.