1. Preside at monthly meetings for worship with a concern for business.  Clerk often solicits agenda items by phone or e-mail in advance of the meeting.

2. Approve initial draft of minutes of the meeting as prepared by recording clerk, making any amendments as necessary.

3. Sign Minutes and letters on behalf of the meeting, making sure that they reflect the sense of the meeting.

4. Attend meetings of Ministry and Oversight committee and participate in its work as necessary; clerk threshing sessions and other events as needed, and gather those who come to the annual Christmas party, or find a representative to do any of these tasks.

5. Represent Pima Meeting in community matters, or find a representative to do this.

6. Appoint two persons, subject to approval by monthly meeting, to serve on an ad hoc naming committee to fill a vacancy on the nominating committee.  Such an ad hoc committee will be needed, at the very least, every spring after the nominating committee has presented its nominations for the coming year.

7. Be present to all, acting as liaison with M&O, as contact person for other Quaker meetings or for community groups.  The clerk takes care to be sensitive to the needs of everyone, and sometimes sends a personal note or makes a visit with persons in need.

This webpage created 19 July 2011.