Pima Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

931 N 5th Ave
Tucson  AZ  85705-7723
(520) 884-1776

E-mail inquiries: Clerk of Meeting

Weekly Meetings (on Sunday)
Meetings for Worship: 8 AM and 10:30 AM
Adult Spiritual Education Class: 1st and 3rd Sundays 9:20 AM
First Day School: 10:30 AM

Monthly Gatherings
Business Meeting: 2nd Sunday, 12:30 PM
Potluck Lunch: 4th Sunday, 12:00 noon


We welcome everyone to our Meeting. Our worship together is through both expectant silence and spoken words. There is no prearranged program. We believe that the spirit of God dwells in the hearts of all of us; thus we are all capable of understanding Godís will. Sitting quietly here, each seeks to have an immediate sense of this Divine Leading and to know first-hand the presence of the Spirit. All worshipers share equally in the service. Each person who enters the Meeting contributes to the depths of the worship as a group.

The first half of worship is a time of centering oneís own heart and mind, for listening to oneís own still, small voice within, and for sensing the oneness of the gathered meeting.

After this time of silence, one may feel drawn to share something from the quiet and may simply rise and speak briefly. Please thoughtfully consider each message given. Silence should separate each message. When the meeting is over we turn and greet the persons sitting near us.

We extend this welcome because we believe that the Friendsí testimony of equality requires a single standard of treatment for all human beings. All people share in the Light. We affirm and welcome to our Meeting all who search for Truth. We extend our loving care, concern, and support to all individuals, couples, and families in our Meeting and the community.

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